FAQs (That I Created Myself)

Q: Tiny Twenties? What kind of blog name is that?

A: Since middle school, I have stood at a modest height of 5’1″. I’m usually the eldest of my friends, but always the smallest. That’s where the Tiny comes from. As for Twenties, I just turned twenty years old, and this blog will be following my adventures as I attempt to navigate the high seas of twenty-dom while still looking like a makeup-less sixteen-year-old. It’ll be great.

Q: Who are you?

A: I’ve blogged on various platforms before and I’ve found that I like remaining mostly anonymous, as it lets me be a bit more open with my content. Also, I’m a 90s baby, which means I still got to experience dial-up and Stranger Danger PSAs. When I can keep my personal info under wraps, I do.
Of course, I’ll release essential context info such as, for example, the fact that I’m a college student and not a United States Senator. (Yet.)

Q: What are you going to write about?

A: Whatever I can think of! I’m hoping to spend my twenties bettering myself, learning new things, and getting the most out of life. When I’m not documenting that, I’ll find some minutiae to write about. I’m good at that.


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