Trashing the Blog

I kind of hate this blog, if I must be honest. 

I don’t like the direction it went in, which may also be indicative of the fact that I don’t like the direction in which my overall month of January went either. I promised myself I was going to live life the fullest, strive to become a better human being, et cetera et cetera. I think I just became more… whiny. Disinterested. Passive, perhaps. I haven’t really done anything. I’ve taken no major risks. I have nothing to show for. And as a result, this blog got corrupted. What I had wanted to be an outlet for my creativity became a cesspool of rants and complaints instead.

I suppose I could shift the focus of my blog, but I actually dislike it so much that I’m considering deleting it and starting afresh.

Another blog down. Go me.

So, to anyone out there who still kept up with my (lame) ordeals, this is a tentative farewell. I’ll more than likely be closing out the blog by the end of the day and giving this a break. Yet again.


Your Thoughts

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