Finally, some free time.

I started building this blog around the 8th or 9th of December, which happened to be the weekend just before final exams began. I took enough time out of my studying to pick a theme and a title, make a hasty but oddly cute background, and hack out an About Me in case anyone found this little corner of the Internet I’d carved out for myself and wanted to know more, well, about me. I’ll get at least one post in, I promised myself.

Then, of course, I spent the next four or so days getting my ass kicked by my final essay-exam for my U.S.-Latin American Relations class, and the three days after that overworking my right hand as I scrawled out desperate responses to my essay questions for my other courses’ final exams. The only thing that kept me even half awake was that final doppio espresso con panna I’d gotten from Starbucks–which, as it were, I’d gracelessly ordered as a double-shot of espresso with whipped cream, please. The handlebar mustachioed barista taking my order hadn’t been impressed.

Anyway, finals week is over, and I’m home. My final grades have already been posted: 2 ABs and 3 Bs. I’ll gladly accept them.

This is probably the sixth or seventh blog I’ve started from scratch, even after enjoying some moderate success with my last one. I’m worried that this inability to commit will one day reflect in my own, real adult life, and I’ll end up a flaky old spinster with ten cats and seventy different blogs to her name. Let’s hope that won’t be the case. Anyway, I’m not quite sure what to begin with. Much to the disappointment of my ten-year-old self, I’m not touring the world with a backpack full of my hopes and dreams and some clean t-shirts. Coming up with stories to tell takes a lot more work than I would like, and it’s probably the reason why I gave up on my somewhat successful previous blog. Also, all my regular readers had stopped popping their heads in. (Where did you go?! And if I serenade you, will you come back?!)

But in all seriousness, I’ve been itching to write. Specifically, I’ve been yearning to finally write that novel I promised to my old best friend back in the eighth grade (all of six years ago… and I rarely speak to this old friend nowadays). I’ve tried everything, but alas, writing a novel, any old novel, has been a constantly-failing project of mine. In the meantime, however, I want to make sure I keep my writing muscles in shape (that’s a horrible analogy… see why I need the practice?!) and so I’m diving back into the blogging scene. Maybe I’ll find fame and fortune from this venture. Maybe I’ll just end up talking, basically, to myself.

No matter. I’m excited all the same.

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